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What to Eat for Dinner | Great Dinner ideas in a Snap.
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What to Eat for Dinner

Perhaps one of the most universal questions is what to eat for dinner. While eating at home is best, it is not always expedient. However if you keep a few staples in your kitchen you can manage to always have the basics for a delicious and healthy meal at your fingertips.

Among the things any dinner requires is salt, pepper, onion and garlic. If you are short on time it is worth shelling out a couple of extra dollars for elephant garlic because it is much easier to peel. Carrots and celery also top the list. With these basic staples you can work around almost any meal and never have to dread the question of what to eat for dinner again.

Good Ole Pasta

Pasta does not have to be boring. If you are the adventurous type you can grab a few heirloom tomatoes chop them up add a little garlic, a whole onion, a few carrots, couple stalks of celery and call it a meal. Any other veggies you have lying around are fair game too. If you have sausage or chicken cook it on the side and then throw it in the pot as well. Salt and pepper to taste and yum! Home made sauce, serve with pasta. For fun you can brush a bit of olive oil on some bread toss your left over garlic on it and bake for 10 min or so.

Fried Rice

The best part about fried rice is that it makes for the salvation of veggies that would otherwise go bad. Cook a bit of rice, or use old rice if it is around. Oil a pan or wok. Scramble a couple of eggs. Add whatever veggies you have around. Throw in the rice and add soy sauce to taste. Dinner in less than 30 min!

Chicken Stew

The best part about stew is that it basically cooks itself. Add your celery, onion garlic salt pepper and raw chicken to a pot, throw in whatever other veggies you can find and boil. Rice or noodles work great, just throw them in once the meat is cooked and enjoy.

The fact is, figuring out what to eat for dinner is simple. There is no need to stock a kitchen full of ingredients. Just keep things in perspective. The best meals are simple and quick. You can often decide what to eat for dinner by just opening your fridge.